Day Four

Davos House

Day Four

FinTech Breakfast

A selection of impact investors, entrepreneurs and academics gathered for the inaugural Haus of FinTech event at Davos House.

With an initial focus on replenishment of the Global Fund to combat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, Haus of Fintech is designed to pop up at major global gatherings around the world to build a community of business, government and next gen leaders who can design solutions and raise awareness around the social impact of FinTech.

Ocean Innovation Roundtable

On the occasion of the first ever WEF Oceans Day, Davos House played host to a dedicated oceans’ roundtable.

A diverse set of activists, philanthropists, business leaders and intergovernmental leaders came together over breakfast to discuss concrete solutions to some of the pressing ocean challenges that were highlighted at Davos 2019.

The discussion, moderated by CEO of freuds, Dr. Arlo Brady; shared perspectives on the latest science and investment opportunities in ocean impact from UN Special Envoy for the Oceans, His Excellency Peter Thompson; Founder of Katapult Ocean, Naren Hjorth; and Curator at ZSL, Prof. Heather Koldewey.

In an atmosphere of collaboration and inspiration, guests took the opportunity to forge new partnerships around Goal 14 and pledge their support to a range of exciting new ocean tech start-ups.

AI Positive Lunch

CognitionX partnered with Deloitte and SAP to run a working lunch looking at harnessing the power of technology to advance the Global Goals.

In line with the WEF theme, Globalisation 4.0, the lunch worked to gather participants to advance the AI agenda for global futures. Highlighting the need to create collaborative movements across the tech sector, the event brought together a range of business leaders and innovators to identify both the challenges and opportunities in AI.

Speakers included SAP Executive Board Member, Bernd Leukert and World-renowned AI expert and Sinovation Ventures CEO, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee.

The conversation was moderated by co-founder of CognitionX, Tabitha Goldstaub, who emphasised the need to access good advice through technology and responsible and safe deployment of AI.

Dine With Purpose

SAP and the World Food Programme held a private dinner to address food systems and supply chain challenges to ensure a sustainable and healthy food system for all.

With the demand to eat locally-grown food surging in recent years, many restaurants have unveiled lavish menus featuring responsibly-sourced ingredients.

Chef David Hertz explained to attendees that food production accounts for one third of global greenhouse gas emissions and is the largest global driver of biodiversity loss and freshwater depletion around the world.

Dinner With Kai-Fu Lee

Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures, Kai-Fu Lee, held a dinner to discuss leading technology investments aimed at developing the next generation of hi-tech companies.

Kai-Fu Lee highlighted that the AI story is no longer just about machines but about human beings and free will that allows them to make their own choices and shape their own destiny.

Purpose Panel Reception

SAP hosted an exclusive leadership conversation about engaging people to shape a better world, and explored how human experience plays a profound role in everything from accelerating business growth to tackling the world’s most complex challenges.

The discussion was moderated by MSNBC News Anchor, Stephanie Ruhle, and featured Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, alongside Gary Cohn, American Business Leader, Philanthropist, and Former Director of the United States National Economic Council.

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